Episode 57: Desire and your Story

Desire and Your Story

We must remember the Story.

Neo in the movie The Matrix is awakened from a death sleep to discover the world he thought was real is actually a massive deception cast upon the human race to keep them prisoners.

Morpheus asks Neo “Do you want to see?”


When a shift or change happens in our life…We lose orientation of whats going on. We cant get where we are going unless we know where we are..We must remember the story.

This is where your part  in the Story is written–in your desires, (the way chosen for you)

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why you can’t “shut” down desire and think you will be safe
  • How control will end up controlling you
  • How to know where you are going by where you are currently at
  • Your deepest desire is the “why” in your life and directs everything







Episode 56: Holistic Podcasting and Productivity with Corey Coates

Holistic Podcasting and Productivity

“Time is your most valuable assest.”~Corey CoatesTa_Ndi-2

Who the heck is Corey Coates??? Corey is the co-founder of Podfly Productions, a company that produces professional podcasts and provides audio editing services. Podfly takes the time and headache out of creating your own podcast. His team will set you up with the right equipment, training, and guidance to ensure you sound amazing. We talk about that in this interview…trusting someone to edit ‘your voice’ and ‘your message’–a huge trust factor that Corey takes very seriously!
So Corey like the cold in Canada (if you notice in his picture above..) Corey began his career in broadcast media, music production, performance, and instruction. He is also a pioneer in podcasting (as he has been doing it since 2006).
His sense of adventure and cravings for new challenges caused him to move to Costa Rica in 2006 to embark on a different path teaching English as a second language with Swiss based company, inlingua.  Corey became the Regional Operations Director for the company and after completing a 6th year with inlingua, Corey accepted the new position of Program Director for the Overseas Radio Network, overseeing the movement of the company assets off shore and re-launch of the radio station from the new broadcast facility in Jacó beach, Costa Rica. Corey got some ‘mad skills’ at this point learning from so many incredible people..You will hear about it in this interview and some of his take aways so tune in!
The most exciting thing happening today (beside this episode of Real Time: Real Men Only going live with Corey) is that he and Jessica Rhodes are also launching their podcast called the podcast producers.. a podcast about–you guessed it Podcasting! But it is so much more than that and we talk about the in-depth idea behind the 10 week long show!
In this episode you will hear:
  • Is multitasking a myth?
  • What does culture and your voice have to do with you connections?
  • The true definition of success
  • The sacrifice of money and relationships
  • How harmful it is when humans are comparative
  • Productivity and “trusting” the systems
  • Learn how to modify your life and so much more!

Episode 55: Bryan Orr–Are you on your Mantastic Voyage?

Are You on Your Mantastic Voyage

“Big Change Requires Big Commitment”~Bryan Orr2

Nic raps with Bryan Orr about working with family in business. Is business all about people or is there a “secret sauce”?  What is the context for your communication skills within your relationships? How much does big change require with big commitments? We rap about business, marriage, family dynamics and so much more…..but what–who the heck is Bryan Orr??? and why should I care?

Bryan Orr is the Co-Owner of Kalos Services Inc. an Orlando area HVAC contracting business as well as the Co-Founder of MentionTribe.com a social web startup. He graduated High School at 16 years of age.

Bryan is the Father of 8 children…thats right, you read it correctly… and a husband (to a gorgeous model) which he knew he wanted to marry her at 15 (no…he is not creepy–I swear…) He married at 18 and was in business with his family by 22.

In his spare time (well….Bryan doesn’t actually have any spare time–but this is on-demand radio) He is the host of the WOW Small business podcast (click on the title to get the latest mind tricks to small businesses and cheat codes). He also just launched another Podcast called the Mantastic Voyage with his brother Nathan Orr.

We actually do talk about some deep stuff, like building character in your children. How vulnerable is working with your family and do your relationships suffer? We also plug Jared Easley and Podcast Movement 2015 (cuz Bryan and I met at PM2014). We talk about sacrifices and you can begin to hear Bryan sweat over the microphone as he talks about life lessons with business and family. At the heart of it, Bryan leaves some juicy tidbits of take aways for you to make some hard decisions that you have been maybe putting off and commit to your life.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Difference between balance and being purposeful in the moment
  • Levels of engagement with your kids
  • How he bestows masculinity on his sons
  • Priority and commitments….ok so how?
  • The secret sauce to Business
  • and so much more…with the one and only Orr….

Episode 54: Do NOT become ‘easy prey’ in Social Dynamics with Gabriel Grimes

Do NOT become ‘easy prey’ in Social Dynamics

The son of an international missionary and public speaker, Gabriel Grimes learned from first-hand experience how to work with others, pick out liars from a crowd, and develop successful relationships in order to accomplish common goals.10636150_10152487498490920_3847539010732166521_n

With a background in international project development, law-enforcement, and corporate security Gabriel offers a unique perspective on personal security, international travel and self-awareness. His insightful observations and easy step-by-step instructions provide a clear blueprint for anyone interested in being more secure whether locally or abroad. His tips and direction help mitigate the security risks that threaten us all the moment we leave our front door. As a highly sought after corporate travel security consultant, he is often found speaking internationally and assisting companies and distinguished individuals setting up and managing their own security or security department.

His soon-to-be-released book entitled “Travel This Way” is designed for the distinguished traveler who doesn’t have a security detail to assist them in preparing a trip. It walks the reader through the planning process and what is needed to establish an appropriate level of security, reducing the risks of international travel while still allowing the traveler freedom to conduct business and enjoy the trip.

We rap about time frames, and your status in any situation. Gabriel talks about his experience of being an ex-cop and how it helped him with social dynamics in any situation.

In this interview you will hear:

  • Difference between being convinced and being confidence
  • Ebola and how to be prepared
  • How cliche is “Being Authentic and true to yourself?” What does that really mean?
  • How not to be a sheep or victim when it comes to social dynamics
  • Body Language and how primal we really are
  • Language how to match your speaking with prospects and not speak “over” them or “under” them.

You need to connect with Gabriel check him out at the livingthesozolife.com

or at facebook Gabriel Grimes

or Follow him on twitter @GabrielGrimes

check out his book: Instagram for beginners and business owners

also his newest book coming soon TravelThisWay.com