Episode 54: Do NOT become ‘easy prey’ in Social Dynamics with Gabriel Grimes

Do NOT become ‘easy prey’ in Social Dynamics

The son of an international missionary and public speaker, Gabriel Grimes learned from first-hand experience how to work with others, pick out liars from a crowd, and develop successful relationships in order to accomplish common goals.10636150_10152487498490920_3847539010732166521_n

With a background in international project development, law-enforcement, and corporate security Gabriel offers a unique perspective on personal security, international travel and self-awareness. His insightful observations and easy step-by-step instructions provide a clear blueprint for anyone interested in being more secure whether locally or abroad. His tips and direction help mitigate the security risks that threaten us all the moment we leave our front door. As a highly sought after corporate travel security consultant, he is often found speaking internationally and assisting companies and distinguished individuals setting up and managing their own security or security department.

His soon-to-be-released book entitled “Travel This Way” is designed for the distinguished traveler who doesn’t have a security detail to assist them in preparing a trip. It walks the reader through the planning process and what is needed to establish an appropriate level of security, reducing the risks of international travel while still allowing the traveler freedom to conduct business and enjoy the trip.

We rap about time frames, and your status in any situation. Gabriel talks about his experience of being an ex-cop and how it helped him with social dynamics in any situation.

In this interview you will hear:

  • Difference between being convinced and being confidence
  • Ebola and how to be prepared
  • How cliche is “Being Authentic and true to yourself?” What does that really mean?
  • How not to be a sheep or victim when it comes to social dynamics
  • Body Language and how primal we really are
  • Language how to match your speaking with prospects and not speak “over” them or “under” them.

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Episode 53: The “Who” you are Market Media Strategy with Jack Mize

The “Who” you are Market Media Strategy

“Getting paid for results rather than activity always drove me to work smarter and harder,”~Jack Mizejack-mize-head-shot

Who Is Jack anyways and Why Should I know him?

Jack Mize is the host of Influencers Radio and co-founder of Authority Alchemy.  Jack is always focusing on helping entrepreneurs and professionals “position” themselves as educators and advocates for the success of their clients and prospects.

Jack is a trainer, author, speaker, and does consulting directly with leaders in the fields of business, finance, health, real estate and personal development.

What is Jack up too?

Jack has helped hundreds of marketing consultants and media agencies grow their businesses with his “out of the box” strategies to boost client authority position within their industry. He also has literally “saved” many businesses from closing or going nowhere. Jack is the man behind the “Missing Manual” for what it really takes to turn searchers into prospects and prospects into customers!

What are we rapping about in this episode?

I get to rap with Jack in this episode about the ‘Who’ you are Marketing instead of the ‘What’ you are Marketing principle. We laughed when he talked about one of his first jobs ‘back in the day’,  like selling cable, and how a career in sales was far more profitable than a fixed paycheck. However, Jack hated traditional selling! He has been quoted saying, “I hate selling, but I love making people want to buy.” He made such a great point of shifting the ‘what you do’ in sales  (aka a random guy selling cable) and instead frame it into who you are (an auditor for the cable company), You have to listen to what happens in the story as Jack is a wonderful story teller! It was all in the positioning and the results were remarkable.

You will learn in this interview:

  • Addressing the problem of your client vs answering the problem
  • The 4 big Questions in your prospects mind
  • Why is niching down so tough?
  • How to get 3rd party recognition
  • Why the perfect prospect does NOT want to work with you?
  • What framework you need to position yourself
  • Trust Triggers…uh what are they???

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Episode 52: From Tragedy to Taking Charge with Ted Ryce

From Tragedy to Taking Charge

“We never know our limits until we start to push them.”~Ted Ryce11051425_1586677068216360_1104272067_n

Who is Ted Ryce?

He is the Creator of the Man Project Podcast and coaching programs. He is also a Co-Host of the Fit Pro Radio Show with Matt Pack. But really…. He is an AMAZING Man with an amazing journey and story!

Ted is a an accomplished martial artist, and a personal trainer with many years of experience (but he is young!). Using exercise and nutrition principles he’s learned from extensive study, he transformed from a skinny 150lb fast food eating party guy to an athletic 205lbs muscular physique. He has trained celebrities like Richard Branson and Robert Downey Jr to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, professional and amateur athletes, and regular men and women who want to get healthy. Ted’s approach to health and fitness is a holistic one and we chat about what that means in this interview.

Ted has learned from the training of his physical body and gaining mental strength. It has helped him serve others who are willing to make the change, take responsibility and do the work. In this episode, we talk about Ted’s life trauma of the kidnapping and murder of his younger brother, Jimmy Ryce. Ted had many losses and traumatic experiences like the loss of his mother and sister as well, being broke and isolated from support. Ted talks about what he went through and how it was so crucial in his journey of life. He truly believes that no matter how horrible your story gets, you can still take charge of your life, even starting with the smallest effort. Ted references the book, the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. Check it out if you need to take a small step today!

Ted applies nutrition, fitness and the principles of responsibility and action to lead a very successful and fulfilling life. Ted’s message is a powerful one and he shares it from his heart, because now he is seeing many lives changed because of his service to others in the health niche. There’s plenty Ted and I talk about, I hope you’ll listen and digest all the great takeaways…and then start applying them to your life! Other great resources, Ted mentions is the book The Art of War by Steven Pressfield.

What you will take away from our interview:

  • How to take that first step to develop healthy habits
  • What the skills challenge ratio is
  • How changing your environment is so important
  • Ted’s challenge he wants to get better at…(hint hint taking the Stage to speak)
  • Entrepreneurs and how they should handle stress
  • Mastering your Emotions

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Episode 51: The Real Risky Relaunched Life with Joel and Pei Boggess

The Real Risky Relaunched Life

“Create your own Media and be excited about how you deliver your message.”~Joel BoggessAbout

What is ReLaunch?….. and who are Joel and Pei?

This is a first, on Real Time: Real Men OnlyI am interviewing a couple!  Joel and Pei are not just any ordinary couple, they are the Creator and Hosts of ReLaunch, a show about Personal Growth for Business Success. Their show is for Career Changers, Difference Makers and Those with a Dream. The ReLaunch Show features interviews of today’s most in-demand experts and thought leaders, Monday through Saturday!

Joel is a Podcaster and a syndicated radio host, an expert in counseling psychology and personal growth, and is a best selling author. His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in three categories – success, self esteem, and happiness; on the same day, in the same hour.index

He’s the Man and Coach that people call when they’re feeling stuck, out of options, and ready for a ReLaunch!

Joel’s best partner in life, Pei was born in mainland China and academically trained as a dentist. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1998. She worked fulltime as a dentist for 10 years and owned her own practice for eight. She sold her practice in 2014 so she could concentrate fully on ReLaunch! and the growth opportunities for the business. She is the “Left brain” behind the business and is always coming up with new business ideas and strategies.

Joel and Pei work so well together because they know their strengths and weaknesses. You will hear about their “heated Fellowship” and how they resolve conflict in this interview…very juicy!

In this interview you will hear:

  • Joel’s 3 step business model
  • How to use Podcast’s to leverage your business
  • How couples work together and strategies for “agreements” in decisions
  • What “surrendering to the season” really means
  • How to create your own media and opportunities

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