Episode 35: Manspace-Renewing or Running away?

Man Space

Manspace:  Renewing or Running Away?

“Some time apart and space allows you to connect with a deeper and quieter part of yourself…When you crave this time, you might want to ask yourself, are you renewing? Growing up? Or running away?”~Owen Marcus (excerpt from the book Grow Up)

Nic raps with her hubby Gavin Welch, Host of the Real Estate Loop Podcast, about a book they are reading by Owen Marcus (an former guest on the show which will air live soon) called Grow Up: A Man’s guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence  (click on the title to purchase the book! It’s a great read!)

Grow Up Man's Guide

In Owen’s book there is a section on leaving home and being alone. This part of the book explains how it is very much needed for Men to have their own space to go to on a regular basis. Nic and Gavin talk about that particular “space” within their marriage and how it differs for Men versus Women.  They also chatted about Harley Davidson and the movement of their success in regards to Men finding freedom on the road.Harley

Nic also asks Gavin about self-doubt and how he handles that in the “growing up” process of masculinity. He also talks about the importance of spending quality time with other men.

Nic and Gavin also talk about her speaking gig at Podcast Florida Conference on December 6, 2014 and the purpose of the event. There will be many great Speakers accompanying Nic on the stage. It will be a great learning experience for the Podcast community all over Florida.Podcast FloridaIn this Episode you will learn:

  • Manscaping vs manspace–Big difference!
  • The most hated question a Woman asks a Man….mmm it’s something like “Honey what are you……
  • How to build quality man time with other men
  • Self-doubt
  • Creativity in men


Episode 33: Jesse Elder Talks about the Real Upgraded Life

jesse elder

“Your life is meant to be lived as fully as your imagination and courage will allow.” -Jesse Elder

Jesse Elder is a international life coach and a man with the abundant life mentality (check him out at jesseelder.com). He is all about upgrades and self mastery. You will hear in this episode how Jesse started out as a little boy dedicated to Martial Arts, and by 20 yrs of age he was traveling the world competing. Then he opened his own martial arts school and sought out successful mentors to help him with the business side of things. He learned that his success wasn’t going to rely on how great of a martial artist he was, but how well he related and connected with others.

Jesse went on to open up schools all over which became a very successful business. He did reveal in the interview with me that he knew he would eventually sell the business  right when he started it and that he would not be doing it forever. When Jesse sold the business it was reaching six figures a WEEK!!!!

Jesse wanted to work with people in all walks of life, not just marital arts. He wanted to coach others and be a mentor as he had been mentored. He posted a 70 second video about self-mastery and so many were affected and touched deeply by it. Jesse now posts similar videos called mind vitamin videos for many to get a taste of his abundant life mentality. He now helps so many people upgrade their lives, in all areas.

He is currently working on his new book: The Upgrades Life which will be released 2015. He also talks about his  2 1/2 day Gamma Program to change anyone’s life with real experiential training!

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to get back to the ‘you’ of your center
  • what need free connection is and how it will change your life
  • what are natural versus ‘normal’ statistics
  • How men use society standards for success
  • Appreciation versus Gratitude

To connect more with Jesse Elder go to @MrElder and Jesseelder.com



Episode 32: Language of Powerful People vs Powerless People

Businesswoman is pulling elephant outdoor

Power shows up in your language, just listen to the words that come out of your mouth.

In this episode, I talk about our language and how it will tell you if are a powerful person or a powerless person. I talk about the 2 types of powerless people (aka people who blames others for their problems and say things like “I’ll Try” or “I can’t” or “I have to”). I know because I used to live and talk in this same manner! For example, “I’ll try” is rooted in powerlessness and is a pathetic way to say that I do not want to be responsible on making an actual decision.

Powerful people, take responsibility and know how to make effective decisions and say things such as ‘yes” and ‘no”. Powerful people do not need to control other people because they do not believe that they can control others. Powerful people set healthy boundaries and have a mutual respect for others and their decsions. The only person that they can control and manage are themselves.

Mentioned Books The Power of No by James Altucher & Claudia Azula Altucher

Love and Logic by Jim Fay


Episode 31: Take 2 withTurndog Millionaire: Writing so everyone is involved


“Discover, Create, and share your story.”-Turndog Millionaire

Take 2! A new round to finish off the Real Time:Real Men Only journey with Turndog Millionaire, the  one and only Matthew Turner. You can find him at Turndogmillionaire.com 

You will be intrigued by him because he is a storyteller/author and loves to help others find their own truth and turn it into their story no matter what the means!

He is the creator and Host of his own podcast show called the Purple Coffee Podcast which we talk about in this second half of this interview! We also talk about his latest non-fiction book called the Successful Mistake, where he interviews over 150 Entrepreneurs about how they turned their failures in to Successes.

In this 2 part of our interview you will hear

  • why validating your ideas is so important
  • the in-depth writing process of what he goes through and how he involves his audience.
  • crowd-funding and how it is about ‘the crowd’
  • getting hit by a police car and how to survive it!