The Seller’s Mentality

Time is valuable and Margins are high-That is great business!~Nicimages

Nic raps about eradicating neediness. Sellers need to focus on their time and how good is their product and service really. The ‘switch’ in the Seller’s Mentality that the Buyer is the one that “needs” them and their product–not the other way around!

The Seller’s Mentality must be internalized and not attached to money but rather focus on time.

Good business focuses on big margins, cost and time. Tune in for this short 5-7 min rap about your mentality as a business person and ‘the switch”


Episode 45: The Cultivated Optimist with Ben Perry

“I guarantee you’ll see the world differently after an intense conversation with me!”~Ben Perry10937830_10203682447209698_802150129_n

So we chatted, about a lot of stuff..good,deep stuff.

His name is Ben Perry and he is the Cultivated Optimist! We rap about the power of words and hear how getting kicked out of the Navy really saved Ben’s life!

So who is this Optimist that has cultivated his life in to exactly what he wants? Ben is a coach, speaker, and soon to be author ( we chat about his book in the interview). Ben’s goal in life is to serve others and he challenges many saying that they are guarantee to see things from a “different perspective” after having a coaching session with him!

In this interview you will hear:

  • the term mental masturbation…uh what the heck?
  • What is a Cultivated Optimist?
  • How to avoid the hole in your soul
  • How getting Kicked out of the U.S. Navy saved his life!
  • How to start from 0 (zero)
  • The value in a Mentor and the Investment in yourself


If you love the interview and want to connect with Ben (he is super cool and loves to Karoke!) find him on

Facebook :Ben Perry

Twitter: @mywordscreate

or his website:

He is after all the Cultivated Optimist! Plus be on the lookout for his New Book-The Cultivated Optimist

Episode 44: Running the Real Race of life with Denny Krahe

“All of us have the ability to make a positive change in our lives, and I want to help as many people as possible to realize that change.”~Denny Krahe385330_466437990083536_1518505285_n

Denny aka Diz runs is focused on helping others take control of their health and has become a rockstar in the Runner’s World with his latest podcast Dizruns (click here and subscribe I promise you will NOT regret it)

Also check out his first podcast Better Health 101 You will learn stuff you never knew!

Denny is an Entrepreneur and running the race of a lifetime. He had planned on being the Athletic Trainer for the Big Leagues, but his “marathon” race in life had different detours like marriage, kids and becoming his own Boss. Denny started DK FitSolutions and his life has never been the same since (not to add that he is the Father of a beautiful baby Girl which changes your life forever!).

Denny is a mobile trainer and gets to go into people’s homes and work one on one with them. Denny has made his mark in the internet world with his training programs/webinars/classes, but still loves to have that unique one on one coaching to see maximum results with each client at their own pace (remember life is not a sprint!) Denny knows that we are all running the real race of life no matter what the pace.

Denny loves podcasting, business, and most important being with family and seeing the lives of so many change. He not only helps people with their eating but now has designed courses on training people to start running themselves. From beginners to marathon runners, Denny has the knowledge and experience of teaching and training people to start their own race at their own pace. But what is even cooler about Denny is that his tactics are preventative so you do not have to worry about injuries. He is so focused on being proactive and preventative in life and with health. He teaches things that the normal average trainer is NOT teaching you. Check out his programs and webinars here

In this Episode you will hear:

  • the 1:1 setting and why its so important to disarm people and learn how to relate to them
  • Preventative health
  • Making that 1 small change and how it changes everything
  • the Mental Midget–Wtheck???
  • Accountability and Mentoring
  • Learn about Denny’s giveaway and Free training (click)!
  • what podcasts he is currently listening to




Episode 43: The Heart of a Hustler

“True Success requires Sacrifice” ~Rick Riordanimagesimages

Nic raps about the heart of a hustler in this episode. She talks about becoming more honest with yourself when it comes to where you are at and where you want to be going.  She discusses the number one thing that people want to avoid in most circumstances. She also talks about sacrifice and how we have to grieve those things that we sacrifice in order to get where we are going. This is the heart of a hustler.

Nic references two books that are a MUST read for 2015 if you have not already read them:

The Power of No by James and Claudia Altucherth

Mastery by Robert Greeneth