Episode 51: The Real Risky Relaunched Life with Joel and Pei Boggess

The Real Risky Relaunched Life

“Create your own Media and be excited about how you deliver your message.”~Joel BoggessAbout

What is ReLaunch?….. and who are Joel and Pei?

This is a first, on Real Time: Real Men OnlyI am interviewing a couple!  Joel and Pei are not just any ordinary couple, they are the Creator and Hosts of ReLaunch, a show about Personal Growth for Business Success. Their show is for Career Changers, Difference Makers and Those with a Dream. The ReLaunch Show features interviews of today’s most in-demand experts and thought leaders, Monday through Saturday!

Joel is a Podcaster and a syndicated radio host, an expert in counseling psychology and personal growth, and is a best selling author. His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in three categories – success, self esteem, and happiness; on the same day, in the same hour.index

He’s the Man and Coach that people call when they’re feeling stuck, out of options, and ready for a ReLaunch!

Joel’s best partner in life, Pei was born in mainland China and academically trained as a dentist. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1998. She worked fulltime as a dentist for 10 years and owned her own practice for eight. She sold her practice in 2014 so she could concentrate fully on ReLaunch! and the growth opportunities for the business. She is the “Left brain” behind the business and is always coming up with new business ideas and strategies.

Joel and Pei work so well together because they know their strengths and weaknesses. You will hear about their “heated Fellowship” and how they resolve conflict in this interview…very juicy!

In this interview you will hear:

  • Joel’s 3 step business model
  • How to use Podcast’s to leverage your business
  • How couples work together and strategies for “agreements” in decisions
  • What “surrendering to the season” really means
  • How to create your own media and opportunities

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Episode 50: Finding your life’s mission with Rob Beaudreault

An Honest Word~Rob Beaudreault11020432_10153632787384447_220083341_n

Who is Rob Beaudreault?

 Rob is a family man, teacher, mentor, blogger, big thinker & entrepreneur who is making radical changes in the World. He is a man on a mission and is known as the Obesity Assassin! You will hear more about that in this interview.

He & his wife Cindy stay busy raising & encouraging their 6 children ranging in age from 9-27. A 17 year veteran in education, he is a former Polk County Teacher of the Year and is challenged each day by an amazing group of 6th grade students. He is an avid blogger who addresses matters of family, faith, business and all points in between at: http://www.AnHonestWord.com

Rob talks about how he made his 6-figure income rather quickly….but then things changed.  He then found himself (out of need) having to write a book for people on how to cut your grocery bill in half! No Rob is not a hoarder or crazy couponer, but he does have stockpiles of things he has not had to purchase in years for his family. He was so passionate about helping people he is writing a book it soon to be released! (check it out here http://www.thecouponingbook.com)

Rob and his team are passionate about creating a grass roots initiative to solve the obesity epidemic in locally and globally through his work with Visalus, Project 10 Challenge, along with the help of other local non-profit organizations including the Boys & Girls Club of Lakeland/Mulberry as well as Children’s Home Society.

In this Interview you will hear:
  • How people in America are malnourished and obese at the same time
  • How Rob’s Company broke  the Guinness World Record.
  • What happens when you quit working your business to soon!
  • How to do your true life’s mission even when your rich or poor.
  • What a real man and service to others really means
  • how to cut your grocery bill in half and never buy certain things again..(well at least for a long time)

Episode 49: Defining the “Real Wealthy” Lifestyle with Steve Sims

Defining the real wealthy lifestyle with Steve Sims

Many people wonder what Bluefish is and what we do. To put it simply, we are dream makers.~Steve Sims, Founder BLUEFISHSteve-Sims-BlueFish


“Not everyone is going to love you and you shouldn’t expect them to, but if you are authentic and you show up as the real you, people are going to respect that.”~Steve

I got to rap with the Master Connector, Steve Sims, Founder of Bluefish a Concierge Firm that offers the highest level of cutting edge entertainment services to celebrities, executives, and other people that are interested in living life to its fullest. Steve is SO REAL when you meet him and he wants people to have a once in a lifetime experience that makes amazing memories.

Steve has accompanied the likes of Andrea Bocelli (at the feet of Michelangelo’s David Statue in Florence,Italy), Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Sting, and many many more as they experienced some of BlueFish’s amazing events and experiences.

Some of the amazing things Steve Sims has made happen for some of his clients at Bluefish are:

  • Visit the International Space Station
  • Submarine trip to the Titanic
  • Be James Bond for a weekend (Turned a software mogul into James Bond in Monte Carlo)
  • Hang out or jam out with a celebrity recording artist
  • Private cooking lessons with LA’s finest executive chefs
  • Go on a luxury safari in the Amazon & Serengeti
  • Sing on stage with Journey
  • Watch Formula 1 in Monaco with royalty
  • Private golf lessons with a iconic Green Jacket
  • Paddock Club Access to all Formula 1 races
  • Arranged a private dinner for 6 at the feet of Michelangelo’s David while being sang to by Andrea Bocell
  • Attend the Kentucky Derby in Millionaire’s Row
  • Private Polo lessons with a top polo player
  • Olympic Bobsleigh Run
  • VIP Party access at the Super Bowl
  • and a ton more! thebluefish.com

I was so excited to interview him, not so much because of what he does… (ok your right it is totally BadA$$), but because he is such a BA at Networking as far as 3rd Party Endorsements, Pattern Interrupts, making things so exclusive that people want it so bad and just being able to have no limits on his thinking of what is possible! That is sexy Ladies!

Bluefish is a concierge firm that is NOT a good ole boys network,..no douche bags allowed. It is for people who are passionate and Steve knows how to connect with his clients on a personal level.  Steve and I rap about what Real Wealth is versus just being filthy rich. He also talks about some mad genius networking skills, that he had no idea he was even implementing when the business morphed into a lifestyle!

Check out Steve’s book:steve-sims-7-Ugly-TruthsInterested in finding out how a college dropout with only a bricklaying qualification has worked beside the greatest titans of industry?

Steve Sims has seen and done a lot of things. He is a Public Speaker, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and has composed his decades of valuable knowledge and advice in 7 Ugly Truths – the result of a great interview with legendary (and one of my favorite podcasters and marketer) Dean Jackson from I Love Marketing. You will hear about it in this interview. So why have you not bought the book yet??? (Click here cuz you can’t find it on Amazon!) Anything Steve says is Gold so purchase it now!

In this Interview you will hear:

  • Hilarious Stories of how he went from his job of 3 days in Hong Kong as a wanna be Stockbroker to a Keynote Speaker at Harvard (about Nonconformity) and how he thought it was an April Fool’s Day Joke
  • The system of how he qualifies his clients in the biz (aka Separating the Douche bags from the Real Men and Women)
  • What real wealth is versus just being filthy rich
  • Tactics of exclusivity (no phone number or email on your website)
  • Networking skills–credibility, pattern interrupts (aka black T-shirt versus suit and tie) and getting results…Boom.
  • When you charge clients more–they are happier….huh?
  • You will hear what a huge heart this REAL MAN how he gives back (well he is humble in the interview so he doesn’t even mention it) but check it bluecause.com

He is amazing and if you want to connect with him:

Facebook: Steve Sims


Website: TheBluefish.com and UglySells




Episode 48: Dig into Authority Marketing with Brain Horn

“There is a difference between ‘positioning’ yourself as an Authority versus becoming an Expert.~Brain Hornbrian-horn_cigar

Who is this A-Team Brain Horn guy? Brian is considered to be the “pioneer of authority marketing”. Authority marketing is the process for positioning someone as an authority, or even a celebrity, in their marketplace in order to grow their sphere of influence and increase sales.

Brian is the co-founder of the consulting firm, Authority Alchemy, and the Co-host of The Authority Alchemy Podcast with Jack Mize.  He also writes for Huffington Post and Entrepreneur Magazine about authority marketing and personal branding.

He helps professionals leverage their knowledge to gain authority status in their industry, then uses “authority marketing” to get them national media exposure.

In his many years in this field (even though he is super young and good looking), Brian has learned what works and what doesn’t. Along the way, he’s had some very interesting encounters (you will hear of a few in this episode).

His unique method has been talked about and covered on The Howard Stern Show, Wall Street Journal, ABC, Perez Hilton, CBS News , Forbes, Advertising Age and dozens of other media outlets.  He teaches everyday people to get massive national exposure using tactics anyone can implement!

In this Episode you will hear:

  • How young Brian was when he began making his own cash
  • How to get started in positioning yourself as an authority
  • What micro-specialization really is and how to implement it
  • How Richard Simmons and Dave Ramsey are amazing Marketers in their niche
  • How to report for CNN
  • How to be present in the moment and get more done.


Website:  AuthorityAlchemy.com

Facebook:  Facebook.com/Brian.Horn

Twitter: Twitter.com/brianhorn

Podcast: Authority alchemy Podcast


All listeners can get access to a free video training where they will learn how they  can become a weekly CNN contributor for their industry.

They can access the training here: http://authorityalchemy.com/cnn-authority