Episode 30: Nomadic Storytelling with Turndog Millionaire

Nomadic Storytelling

“Everyone thinks they know their story, but it usually is not where the True story lies…”-Matthew Turner

Turndog Millionaire is the  one and only Matthew Turner. I found him at Turndogmillionaire.com (check it out just click on it!) I was intrigued by him because he is a storyteller and author who caught my eye with his hilarious videos! He also has a huge heart and loves to help others find their own truth and turn it into their story!

Turndog is an Author, respected storyteller, public speaker, avid coffee drinking,  and a purple wearing bow-tie misfit. He is the creator and Host of his own podcast show called the Purple Coffee Podcast (just click on the title it will take you right to I-Tunes so you can listen and subscribe! It’s great I will not lead you astray–I promise!)

In this part 1 of part 2 of our interview, you will hear the true life of Turndog and how turning 30 has made him into a ‘real man'(ok that is sarcasm at its finest but he is a real man or else he would NOT be on the show!) He shares insights into his young brazen childhood and even his vulnerable side of how his heart was broken for the first time. This heart break actually was the point where he wrote and published his first novel Beyond Parallel. It is the book behind the thought we all have–asking ourselves at one time or another –what if?BEYOND-PARALLEL-3D

Turndog also raps with me about his latest offer coming out this November (which is also Novel writing month), a free 30day course in storytelling. Get his free E-book and sign up for his Storytelling Starter Kit….Check it out here I have it and it is amazing!

STORYTELLING-STARTER-KIT-3DTurndog has also written 4 Fiction Books with his latest amazing tale called “Tick to the Tock”TICK-TO-THE-TOCK-3DHe also writes non-fiction books such as the Skype Starter KitTHE-SKYPE-INTERVIEW-STARTER-KITIn this episode you will learn about:

  • How Turndog got his name and left his job to work for himself
  • How masking your emotions can lead you to write books
  • Are there mistakes in storytelling?
  • How NOT to write the passive paragraphs on your BIO/ABOUT  page on your website
  • Story Yoga….mmmm what is it?
  • The biases we carry against ourselves and how to get to the true story….

and much more–plus there is a part DOS (that’s (2) two) coming up about his newest endeavor called “The Successful Mistake”, where he interviewed over 100 Entrepreneurs about their failures that turned into success….(that is juicy and it is all in part 2 episode soon to come)

Follow Matthew Turner (his real name) on Twitter @turndog_million


Episode 28: How to be the Author of your own Movement with Jonny Andrews

“I help authors & content marketers sell more books by growing their audience, their influence and their leverage.”-Jonny Andrews

At 27, Jonny Andrews made a life changing decision: He decided he was sick of being broke, fat and miserable, living a life that was totally going in the wrong direction. So he did what any guy in his situation would do… he “cut the cord”.

Fast-forward a few years–Today, he is a Best Selling Author, Publishing Expert and Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Musician turned Business Consultant.  Jonny Andrews is the AudienceHacker genius and the Creator/Host of his own Podcast for Author Entrepreneurs called….you guessed it–Audience Hackers.  He does talk in this interview about how he is re-branding the show and changing the name to possibly ‘Author Movement’.  Either way he rockes it behind the mic and in person!  He is hilarious, a wonderful husband, and an amazing Father who is very giving and brutally honest which makes him a contender on the show as a ‘Real Man’.

Since he knows how to “hack” the publishing industry, Jonny is who you need to connect with if you are an author entrepreneur and need to launch a successful business (or your book). He knows the “secret sauce” (and it’s not ketchup) for getting your written piece of art out there by leveraging the power of an audience and that little known site called ‘Amazon.com’.

Jonny’s  programs have helped thousands create massive publishing successes in both fiction & nonfiction by the use of a simple but powerful 3 step “clarity hacking” process.

In this interview you will hear:

  • How building a business is like recording a music album
  • How to outrun your worst critic (yourself) when it comes to writing a Novel
  • Is there sexy in daily Ritual??? Mmmmmm
  • What the Gauntlet of Feces and Fire is and how to qualify your Interns by running them through it
  • How to get rid of Type II Diabetes and how your lifestyle is affecting your health, family and business.



Episode 27: Real Estate and Men: How to eradicate Neediness

Eradicating neediness

Number #1 Deal killer is neediness.

In this Episode, Nic raps with her Husband Gavin Welch, Creator and Host of the Real Estate Loop Podcast.

They talk about Real Estate Deals and qualifying your leads. They cover the subject of neediness and how it can really kill any deal, whether its in Coaching, Public Speaking, Dating or Business.

Nic explains that everyone is needy to some extent but to not be attached to the outcome of any deal is the key.

They also talk about setting time frames with people to eradicate neediness and give good examples of this in the interview. Nic explains the roles of healthy boundaries when it comes to business deals and managing your time.  Gavin gives good examples of how personal it is to be in someone’s house as a realtor and how to ‘build a bridge quickly’ with your client.

In the interview, we cover a great deal of the value of time. Time is really important when you are trying to qualify your leads, and show credibility.

Nic also talks about the importance of asking great questions, not being afraid to dig deeper than you intended to qualify a lead.

In this Interview you will hear:

  • Why showing houses in Real Estate can be really dangerous
  • What real coaching is and what it is not
  • Steps on how to work with buyers in the Market
  • “Timesucks” what are they and apps that you can use to help
  • How to get them from interested to involved
  • If its not a good fit, point them to other resources

Episode 26: Experiment and Hit the Mark with Jim Woods


“I once ignored my creativity and embraced the status quo. Then after a nervous breakdown I decided it was time to live–to really live again. Now I embrace my dreams and hustle for them every single day”~Author, Jim Woods


Jim Woods is an amazing Writer, Coach and Raw Truth Teller, if you are just being introduced to him check him out at jimwoodswrites.com.

He went from the world of Government Accountant to a Freelance writer/coach and is living like a superhero now! A life of adventure and uncertainty.

He and Erik Fisher had written their first amazing book together Ready Aim Fire! – A Practical Guide to Making and Achieving Goals

which was an amazing practical guide on the basics of productivity and achieving your goals.

ready aim fire book by Erik Fisher and Jim woods

ready aim fire book by Erik Fisher and Jim woods

Then, Jim and Erik did it again with their second book, Hit the Mark:Improve your focus, boost your energy, and make the most of your time. In this interview we do discuss some of the points in the book like how to avoid “analysis paralysis” and signs that you are running empty on energy and focus.

Hit the mark Jim Woods and Erik Fisher

Hit the mark Jim Woods and Erik Fisher

Jim also give us the juice on the greatest books that changed his life.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to be a good decision maker with Experimenting with different things
  • The “Myth of the Expert” in being an Entrepreneur
  • The importance of having significant others support when you are making a big life change.
  • Why Everyone should write an E-Book.
  • Steps to take on the journey to pursuing the work you really love.

If you want to connect and network with jim go to twitter.com/jimwoodswrites